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Ukrainian figurative artist 


2019-2021 Kyiv Art School Evening Course of Painting, Ukraine

2017-2018 Design School of Marina Kriachko, Kharkov, Ukraine

2018 Design Urban School Kharkov, Ukraine

2008-2012 High Building Collage Landscape Designer and Arhitecture, Luhansk, Ukraine


2022 Kunst Residenz in Thun Stärke und Verletzlichkeit


2022 Volunteer in the art project Kids Create for ukrainian refugee, Bern, Switzerland

2021 Art Studio of Daria Pogodina, Kyev City

2017-2021 Garden Design of Daria Pogodina Chief Landscape Architect,  Kyev City

2016 Company Gardener Chief Landscape architect Odessa city

2012-2013 Design Company Lugagreen Сhief landscape architect, Luhansk, Ukraine


2022 Solo Exhibition Stärke und Verletzlichkeit / Escape Vide - Thun, Switzerland

2022 Group exhibitions In Ukraine / ZRC - Ljubljana, Slovenia

2018 Group exhibitions Room of my Minds, Ukraine

2017 Group exhibitions Garden as an Art, Kyev, Ukraine

2014 Group exhibitions Gift of Volhvs Severodonetsk, Ukraine

2013 Group exhibitions Fragment of Life, Luhansk, Ukraine

2012 Collaborate Project Light of Hearts, Luhansk Ukraine

Paintings are in private collections in the USA, South Korea, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland.



In my practice, I problematize the ideal of the metamodern world with its total moderation and the desire to return to high ideals and values.
   New sexuality and personal integrity - are the basic areas of search in my artistic practice.
  I explore the ways of self-identification from the fragments of ideas and concepts, I actualize the thirst for the integrity of the individual in the cycle of meanings and theories. Liberalism, conservatism, enlightenment - is there a chance to be a whole person in the era of reassembly of all these ideas that smashed the world to smithereens?
         As an artist, I concentrate on the nature of the corporeal, I perceive the body as a membrane reflecting me into this world and communicating the world to me.
The created narrative of the perception of the female body with pornographic tension marked the beginning of my artistic research - where is the border between pornography and the nature of the body? What would the world of sexual relations be like if it were completely safe and devoid of aggression?

   I appeal to my own experience of living life in a woman's body. How does the attitude to the body change with the paradigm shift of the worldview? Is an asexual perception of primary sexual characteristics possible? How will the narrative of shame and provocation sound in a world of total moderation and tolerance?
Can a woman's body be integrated into the lexicon of visual art as a neutral object of aesthetics, without the tension of pornography and the need to be a sexualized icon? All these questions are my ways of seeking personal integrity through the body, will and worldview.

        In search of answers, I enter into a dialogue with the corporeal-sensual lexicon of Kiki Smith, Paula Modersohn-Becker, and also find support in the sublime corporeality of the early Gothic of the 13th century from Giotto, unencumbered by the tension of formal anatomy.
   I use traditional oil as the most sensual and malleable material that conveys the vibrancy of color. My works are filled with color, entic decoration and are illustrative at the same time.

    I turn them into visually light stories at first glance, which, however, do not call the viewer to cold contemplation, but on the contrary, open up the opportunity to safely return to their secret “I”.
I use the space of naive archetypal images, creating a safe haven from aggressive modernity, with the opportunity to dive into the psychological depths of my own worldview.

    I build into my paintings the mechanics of oscillation of naivete and mockery, trust and cynicism, chastity and debauchery, strength and kindness, as a manifesto of courage to be alive, vulnerable and herbivorous in a world where food chains still exist. I create images of people in which the line between the desires of different ages is erased, naivety and sexuality are free from hypertrophied narratives of our time, dictating the framework of ethics and aesthetics.

    My heroes are nomads in time and space, moving from one metaphorical system to another, in search of their Lost Time, collecting themselves from the flow of cultural context, like the hero of Proust

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